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“All those fans in Giants land, love that Crazy Crab.  Down           by the bay, the folks all say, love that Crazy Crab.”

                - Crazy Crab's theme song and television jingle
“Krukow said that one of the funniest things he ever saw involved the Crab and Jeffrey Leonard, who used to threaten teammates with bodily harm should they come anywhere near his locker. Catcher Steve Nicosia responded to this by dressing up in the Crab's costume, going into Leonard's locker, and trashing the hell out of it. Krukow says that even Leonard laughed -- the
                                        Crab wasn't a teammate; how could he murder it?”
                                                            -Gregg P.  on

"I remember attending a game that was graced by a Crazy Crab appearance.  People were booing as usual, and maybe a few hot dog wrappers and cups were being tossed his way as well.
                                    At this point, the scoreboard began flashing the message:

                                PLEASE DO NOT THROW THINGS AT THE CRAZY CRAB

Almost immediately, all manner of debris -- batteries, hot dogs, full cups of beer and soda, baseballs -- came raining down from the stands on the unfortunate crustacean, who was forced to
                           scurry (sideways, I think) out of range, back to around second base."
                                                               -John B. on

"On the final day of the 1984 season, as he stood on the field in the suit before the game, Doba reportedly told a Giants executive, "I hope there's nobody up there with a gun."
                                                 - Wayne Doba, the legend who portrayed Crazy Crab

                           “We used to drill him with the resin bag daily, so he was scared of us.”
                                               - Giants broadcaster and former pitcher Mike Krukow

“What I wanted to do, when we finally retired him, was give everybody in the ballpark a crab cocktail.  So it would be like the first time in history where the fans wound up eating the mascot. 
                                                  I thought that would be a really cool thing.”
                 - Pat Gallagher, President of Giants Enterprises.  Member of the Giants organization for 30 years.

“In one of his last games, as he circled the field carrying a rubber torch to the tune of the ‘Chariots of Fire’ theme, Crazy Crab was tackled and pummeled by an as-yet unnamed San Diego Padre player. (Crazy Crab actor) Wayne Doba sued and won a $2000 settlement.”                
New York Sports Express

In 1999, two games before the final game at Candlestick Park, the Giants gave the fans one last chance to boo their most hated Candlestick characters: Tommy Lasorda and the Crazy Crab:

“Also returning was the world's best mascot, Crazy Crab, whose appearance was designed to give long-memoried fans one more chance to boo and throw things.  "Crazy Crab had the line of the night," says Jack M.:  "'I hope the Dodgers sweep you!'"  Now that's a mascot to which fans that have been denied a championship for 40 years can relate: mean, surly, belligerent, sullen.

The Crab made his declaration during, I believe, the third inning of Wednesday night's game, as he took over the PA announcements of the hitters. The camera was on PA announcer Sherry Davis, the Crab, and the former Giants closer, the now-infamous Greg Minton. He and Davis laughed at the Crab's statement. So did I. It was funny. This was the whole point: He's crabby. He hates the fans for booing him so violently.

A lot of the Giants, however, didn't appreciate his performance, including Barry Bonds and Dusty Baker, who I guess didn't get the spirit in which the Crab delivered his line...”
  -Jack M. and Gregg P. on
“Crazy Crab was the best ‘cause you could throw stuff at him.  You can’t throw stuff at Lou Seal”
  -Mike Krukow
The Crab would enter the field to the theme music: "All those fans in Giants Land love that Crazy Crab -Down by the Bay, folks all say - Love that Crazy Crab." And then he would be pelted viciously by the fans with golf balls, carrots, peanuts, beer bottles, even urine-filled balloons.

In the clubhouse, players used to spit tobacco juice through his eyeholes and drop lighted firecrackers in his path. Goba, the man who portrayed the Crab, had plans to drop a Crazy Crab costume onto the field from a helicopter in a final, suicidal send-off, but thought better of it, worrying that kids in the stands might ‘freak out’.”
  -New York Sports Express
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